Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013

Back to Black

Hi Beauties,

the outfit from today is in my favorite color, Black! Till now i don't post any outfit in this color. So today we are going back to black! The only colorful detail in this outfit are my shoes! I decide to make today photos indoor, because its so cold outside, i can't resist it to stay 10 minutes there. And i'm a little bit ill, well this weren't a good idea! So you see some details from my bathroom. And the Make-up is very special, i want to show a little color with the eyes and shoes. The dress is one of my favorites, more picture in this dress will follow when it will be a little warmer outdoor!

I can't wait to post a new outfit tomorrow!

with love,


Blazer: Kasper for a.s.l
Dress: Juanita
Shoes: Zalando Collection
Purse: from my Grandma
Belt: H&M
Bracelet: Vintage 
Earrings: Claires 

Make-up by Amy McQueen


  1. Love the eye makeup, it's so adventurous! Plus they go great with the shoes.

  2. Hello dear happy new year, i am a new your FOLLOWER!I love your blog.. Do you want to follow me ? I WAITING U IN MY BLOG KISSESSSS <3 <3

  3. Tolle Bilder, tolles Outfit, tolles Make-up:) Ich mag deine komplett schwarze Kombination die du mit deinem Make-UP, dem Gürtel und den Schuhen nochmal aufpeppst!! Sehr gelungen!

    Würd mich freuen wenn du vorbei schaust

    1. ich danke vielmals für das positive Feedback! Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du auch ein follower wirst. Den ich bin es bei dir gerade geworden =), einen großartigen Kleidungstil hast du! Der absolute Wahnsinn!